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OBCA Summer Clinic

OBCA Business Meeting

July 25th & 26th, 2022

Summer Clinic - Tulsa, Oklahoma

MONDAY, JULY 26 8:30 A.M. 

Pre-Registration - There is not a registration for just the baseball coaches for this clinic.  The OCA puts on this clinic.  We pay for the winter clinic.  We do ask that everyone becomes a member of the OBCA,

9:00 – 9:50 A.M. 

  • BAS – Mack Chambers - Seminole State College

10:00 – 10:50 A.M

  • BAS – Mack Chambers - Seminole State College

11:00 – 11:50 A.M. T

  •  OBCA Business Meeting – Doubletree – Parkview Ballroom 

12:00 - 1:00 Rules meeting - Roger Adair

Tuesday July 26th

  • 1:00  - Tony Reeder - Collinsville
  • 2:00 -  Cody Pair - Red Oak
  • 3:00 - Jeff Kulbeth - Washington


  1. CALL TO ORDER – President (We will call this meeting to order)

This is an official business meeting of the Oklahoma baseball coaches.  Anyone wanting to address the board must contact your area representative 10 days prior to the next board meeting.  You have 3 minutes to address the board.  Agenda items are the only items that can be discussed during the meeting.

  1. ROLL CALL – 
    1. President – Brad Gore, Enid
    2. Vice President – Ryan Phillips, Yukon

Region 1 –  Kris Webb - Vici

Region 2 – Jim Harris, Stillwater

Region 3 – Jim Sherl,  Claremore

Region 4 – JW Gillett, Canute

Region 5 – Cody Merril  Norman

Region 6 – Rickey Teafatiller, Calera

Region 7 – Pat Foster Metro Christian

Region 8 – Luke Yost  Jones

Quad Reps:

Northwest:  Kevin James - Chickasha

Northeast:   Tony Reeder - Collinsville

Southwest:  Jeff Kulbeth - Washington

Southeast: Eddie Jeffcoat - Dale

Presidents report (Brad Gore)

  1. Introduction of Grant Gower - OSSAA
    1. Districts
    2. Reseeding the State Tournament.

  1. Membership - 
    1. over 250 coaches joined last year.
    2. Use the website to join

  1. Communication - every coach should be receiving emails, and be a part of the region groupme app.  Please pass on the information to coaches who are not on.

  1. Records, Milestone and service awards
    1. Records - Chris Wilfong is the one who has the records.  Any problems with your record please contact, – Chris Wilfong.    We make a copy of his list at the end of the year.  Any questions on record, please get with him. 
    2. Milestone awards - let your region rep know. All will be given at the banquet at the winter clinic. 

  1. The HOF nominations:
    1. September 15th - to your region rep.
    2. This is one of the main functions of the quad reps and the past president

  1. Coach of the year nominations and all awards:
    1. need to be sent to your region rep by September 15th
    2. Awards will be given at the Winter clinic

  1. OCA - The OCA pays for the summer clinic.  

  1. Video of your games

B.  Financial Report – Rob Friesen (Randy will give the report if Rob is not there)


  1. Consideration and possible action to determine if we want to have an All-State banquet?
    1. Problems - cost, location, those coming and not showing up for the game.
    2. This is a good time to go over the by-laws for being an all-state player.  We have had every year those trying to slip around the by-laws.


  1. Consideration and possible action for the All-State game date & location. 
    1. Vote on the date first - corresponding date is the June 3rd & 4th.  3rd is Saturday and 4th is Sunday
    2. If we don’t have a banquet is the Saturday the date we want to use.


  1. Consideration and possible action to approve the dates for the winter clinic to be held in Tulsa at ORU  - December 2nd / 3rd or December 9th & 10th.


  1. Consideration and possible action to approve an advertising plan.  The plan is:
    1.  $500.00 for a space on the website, email list of all coaches, attachments sent out with Groupme, a booth at the winter clinic and recognition at the All-State games.
    2. $250.00 will be you a booth at the winter clinic and recognition at the All-State game.



  1. This year we will be voting on even number region reps.  2, 4, 6, & 8
    1. Fill out the information for each region and get that back to me.
  2. We will also be voting on the SE quad rep.  

  1. Next year we will vote on a Vice President - Odd years - Vice President will move into the president’s role at the summer clinic.

Region Representatives

A representative from each of the OCA regions will be elected by their regions’ coaches at the OCA summer clinic during the OBCA business meeting. Representatives will serve a two (2) year term with even region representatives chosen in even calendar years and odd region representatives chosen in odd calendar years. This group shall be called the Board of Directors.


  1. Attend all board meetings.
  2. To communicate via email, texting, Group me and other social media.
  3. Attend and help work at the summer and winter clinic. 
  4. Create a contact list with all coaches in your region.
  5. Communicate with the coaches in your region.
  6. Take polls and vote representing your region.  
  7. Must make sure that your selection committee in your region is contacted and will attend the selection.  

The Quad representatives must have been a Head Coach for ten (10) years or an Assistant Coach/Head Coach for fifteen (15) years, and an Active member of the OBCA. The coach must work at a member school of the OSSAA and be an active head coach.


  1. The term for Quad Representative is a four (4) year term; a Quad Rep may not serve consecutive terms.
  2. Work at the direction of the president in matters dealing with Hall of Fame hospitality, HOF banquet duties and must submit Field of the Year nominees at the OBCA fall meeting.
  3. Attend and assist Regional board meetings.
  4. A quad representative does NOT vote as a part of the board. 

BUSINESS NOT PREVIOUSLY CONSIDERED – NEW BUSINESS (ask if there is anything we need to discuss before breaking into groups and picking the region reps?

  1. Is there anything that we need to discuss as an organization?

 Move into Regions (Each region will vote)

  1. Regions (2, 4, 6, & 8  and Replace Region ) Read the nominations that were sent in or filled out at the registration table.  Select a new region representative.  
  2. Discuss how you will be communicating with them - get an email list or cell phone li
  3. Region Group me – set up for all people.  Get the group me set up for people in your region. 
  4. Anything that needs to discussed - discuss with your region.

  1. ADJOURNMENT – motion to adjourn Discussion and possible action to amend the bylaws allowing a board member to be a head coach of a OSSAA school and a member of the OBCA.